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    Releasing Natural Gas
    Releasing Natural Gas
    PRMS Facility
    PRMS Facility
    International Authorization For Natural Gas
    International Authorization For Natural Gas

    The high energy consumption industry has recently undergone an energy revolution due to the increased usage of natural gas and other cheap green  fuels as substitutes to other fossil fuels.

    The use of natural gas requires technology, operation and maintenance according to approved standards regulatory approval of authorities for each implementation and application, such as: The Natural Gas Authority, local municipalities, local and district committees and the Ministry of Environment.

    The natural gas is Methane, marked  - CH₄

    The Methane is lighter than air, unlike the LPG which is a heavier than the air.

    Natural gas is explosion limits are between 4% to 16% concentration in air.

    Natural gas has a cost-benefit ratio higher than other fuels available today.

    D.T.O Gasenergy Ltd. specializes in a variety of services for companies/enterprises who wish to convert to natural gas or build natural gas energy systems.

    D.T.O Gasenergy Ltd.'s staff has a broad experience in natural gas systems consisting of about 350 kilometers of pipelines and about 40 gas stations.

    D.T.O Gasenergy Ltd.'s staff holds the German Standards Institute for gas and water certificates - (German Association of Gas and Water Engineers - DVGW).

    D.T.O Gasenergy Ltd.

    Address: 2/29 Yanush Korchack St., Haifa, Israel

    Tel: 972-4-8344785

    Fax: 972-153-542611551

    Mobile: 972-54-2611551


    DTO Gasenergy on Google Maps
    DTO Gasenergy on Google Maps
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